April 2014: European-Russian conference on aerospace "Avia-Invest 2014".

In the Year of Science "The EU-Russia 2014" the conference on aerospace "Avia-Invest 2014" carried out in the framework of our europroject European-Russian looks particularly symbolic (Riga, April 2014).

Conference “ESTOLAS/Avia-Invest 2014” took place from the 10th to 11th of April in Riga and had very beneficial and relevant objectives for the project ESTOLAS. In the framework of the project ESTOLAS one of the requirements of WP7 was sharing the information, findings and achievements through various channels, with an emphasis on a conference. As part of European-Russian Year of Science 2014 a Conference ESTOLAS/Avia-Invest was chosen as a suitable platform for information dissemination for the project ESTOLAS and for discussions of the new concepts and future and emerging technologies for air transport with European and Russian representatives of aviation industry.

Furthermore, ESTOLAS was a key issue in the Conference ESTOLAS/Avia-Invest discussions. The questions that were in active deliberation dealt mainly with the most important tasks of the design and construction of future variations of ESTOLAS, as well as the main aspects of the integration of gas turbine-generators in electric aircrafts based on the example of ESTOLAS.

The goal of the ESTOLAS project in the framework of ESTOLAS/Avia-Invest 2014 Conference was an effective promotion of the project itself. In order to maximize the results, it was decided to extend the Conference format so that in addition to the invited representatives from science and research fields also guests from the aviation industry, local authority representatives and other experts from the aviation field could be involved. The central idea of the Conference was the theoretical and practical workshop in the framework of the project ESTOLAS under the following topics:

  1. Analysis of the most important tasks in development and construction of ESTOLAS.
  2. The main aspects of the integration of gas turbine generators in electric aircraft based on the example of ESTOLAS.
  3. Distinctiveness of the usage of hybrid aircraft in Europe.

Both partners RTU and AK gained important contacts and information for development of the project ESTOLAS during this event.

Information about ESTOLAS conference.

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November 2013: A plot about ESTOLAS aircraft concept was shown at Discovery Channel Canada in daily Science and Technology show "Daily Planet".

Link to the plot:


October 2013: ESTOLAS has been chosen as a successful research project in Latvia to be integrated in an iPad application!

The link of iPad application:


“Stars of European Research is a cool way to explore how research and innovation around Europe is shaping our future. From the development of nano technology in medicine to the efficient use of green transport solutions, this dynamic app puts cutting edge research right into your hands using stylish animation and easy search techniques”

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October 2013: ESTOLAS project caused a great interest at the 3rd European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN) workshop in Milan, October 9 – 11, 2013

In the frame of EASN knowledge and innovation dissemination activities, the 3rd workshop (http://www.easn.net/workshops/) organized by the EASN Association aimed to offer the Aeronautics community a forum to present and discuss the latest advances in the wider area of Aerostructures, to give an updated state of the art of the research in Aerostuctures in Europe and to present new ideas and innovative concepts for future research and projects.

A special section at the workshop including 7 presentations was dedicated to ESTOLAS project. After the workshop ESTOLAS project partner organisations became full EASN members.

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March 2013: ESTOLAS project partner meeting in Riga, March 21 – 22, 2013

2nd ESTOLAS project partner meeting took place in Riga in the premises of the Institute of Aeronautics, Riga Technical University.

The following project partner representatives took part in the meeting:

  • Hugues Felix, Project officer
  • Ioannis Kokkinakis, Cranfield University
  • Oliver Zysk, QualityPark Aviation Center
  • Wijnko Oomkens, QualityPark Aviation Center
  • Vladimir Papkov, Agentur Kronstadt
  • Oleksiy Antoshkiv, Agentur Kronstadt
  • Alexander Gamaleyev, Project coordinator, RTU
  • Aleksandrs Urbahs, Project scientific leader RTU
  • Dmitrijs Titovs, Researcher, RTU
  • Vladimirs Petrovs, Researcher, RTU
  • Kristīne Carjova, Researcher, RTU
  • Margarita Urbaha, Researcher, RTU
  • Ilmārs Ozols, Researcher, RTU
  • Andrejs Aleksandrovs , Researcher, RTU
  • Sergejs Lucinskis, Researcher, RTU

Project partners reviewed ESTOLAS project implementation process and discussed further steps. Project officer Mr. Hugues Felix presented FP 7 project “Anuloid” dealing with computational and experimental investigation of another concept of VTOL aircraft. Project partners got acquainted with technical capacity of the Institute of Aeronautics and visited local enterprises working in the area of aeronautics.

ESTOLAS aircraft 3D model

July 2012: The International Conference on Aeronautic at the Riga Technical University, where was presented the concept of ESTOLAS

The participants of the Conference (left to right):

Vladimir Petrov (RTU)
Sergej Shatohin (Prefish, Tyumen)
Aleksander Urbah (RTU)
Aleksander Filimonov (Tyumen)
Vladimir Papkov (AK)
Aleksander Gamaleev (RTU)
Oleksii Antoshkiv (AK)

May 2012: Kick-off Meeting of the project ESTOLAS in QPAC, Hamburg, Germany


Mr. Alexander Gamaleyev, RTU

Mr. Aleksander Urbach, RTU

Mr. Dimitris Drikakis, Cranfield

Mr. Oliver Zysk, QPAC

Mr. Wijnko Oomkens, QPAC

Mr. Jing Zheng, QPAC

Mr. Oleksiy Antoshkiv, AK

Mr. Vladimir Papkov, AK

Mrs. Nadine Toews, АК